Finding Commercial Real Estate for Your Startup Business


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Starting your own business can be difficult. When getting off the ground, you’ll probably start in your house or in your garage to begin with. But after a while, you’ll grow to the point, as you continue to gain clients and hire employees, where working out of your house is no longer feasible. At that point, it will be time to find commercial real estate for your young company. Here are some tips for finding the right space.

Know How Much Space You Need

When moving into your own office, you’ll need to know the size of the place to rent. A good way to figure this out is to give 1,000 square feet for every four to six employees you have working for you. With this amount of space, you should be able to fit everyone into the new office space pretty comfortably.

Consider Subleasing

While you may be bringing in revenue, it may take a while for you be profitable. If that’s the case, it may be difficult to get a landlord to rent you commercial real estate for a longer period of time. In this situation, you might want to consider subleasing for a while. Subleases can often be shorter term leases that are month to month. While rare, they can sometimes even be week to week.

Consider a Co-Working Space

If you’re on a tight budget, your best option might be to rent a co-working space. In this situation, you’ll likely be working alongside other startup businesses. Depending on where you’re renting, you may be able to find different types of spaces like team-friendly environments, individual working spaces, and meeting rooms. These often can be rented either hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Getting your own business off the ground can be difficult. While you may start by working from home, you’ll eventually want to move out into your own space. In that situation, these three types of offices are likely to be what you’ll choose from. If you’re looking for commercial real estate for your business, make it easy on yourself and contact Harkins Commercial Real Estate for assistance.

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