Tenant Representation

In today’s business world, there are a lot of options to consider when choosing the right location for your business. You have to consider area demographics, rental rates, growth space, tenant build-outs and so much more. For the general business owner, whose mind has to be on running the business, this can be too much to handle. This is where a good Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representative comes in.

Many business owners prefer a commercial real estate lease over buying a property. Doing so costs less, frees them from the responsibility of maintaining the property, and does not tie them to the property long term. Unfortunately, leasing is not as cut and dried as it used to be. That’s why hiring quality Commercial Tenant Representation can help ensure that the tenant (business owner) will receiving a fair rate for the space they need for their business.

When choosing a space to lease, some questions to consider would be:

  • Do my customers live in the area?
  • Is it accessible to public transportation?
  • Is there quality ingress & egress?
  • Are there competing businesses nearby?
  • Are there other businesses around that may help draw customers?
  • Will the space be built-out to my needs?
  • What are the total costs I will incur each month? What kind of annual rate increases should I expect?

Having Commercial Tenant Representation means that all these and a myriad of other questions can be answered for you so that you can feel confident in getting the best deal for the property you will be leasing. It means that you will always have access to a wide selection of properties available for lease. It means that you will be given an analysis of several locations, so that you can have an overview of your property choices that will enable you to make an informed decision. It means that life as a business owner will suddenly become much easier and safe, because your representative will let you know your full rights and privileges.

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