Investment Properties

The owners of Harkins Commercial, Inc. are not only brokers and agents, but owners of commercial and residential income producing locations throughout Orlando and Central Florida. We understand that owning a property that produces positive cash flow could be a wealth transfer strategy that could support your family for generations to come. Even though today’s real estate climate, in many cases reflects lower property values as compared to 2007, we can easily verify properly located and managed properties have outperformed the stock and bond markets during that same period.

Harkins Commercial, Inc. provides our clients with all the necessary tools to make an informed decision regarding:

  • Ownership Entities
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Valuation
  • Risk
  • Asset Management
  • Taxation
  • Disposition Strategies

Whether you prefer using solely our services or having us join team with any of your own personal representatives, Harkins Commercial Inc. looks forward to the opportunity.

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