Top 3 Things Tenants Should Know


Tenants Should Know

As a tenant, you may think that many responsibilities around your property fall into the hands of the owner or the landlord. However, much of the day to day responsibility is up to you. As a tenant, you have certain tasks and obligations that you must uphold in order to remain in the residence and comply with your signed contract lease. This also means that you have certain rights as a tenant as well. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to familiarize yourself with these important rules. 

#1 Read, Read, and Re-Read Your Contract

Paying close attention to your rental agreement is the first thing you should do before you rent any property. Your lease will cover important details and go over topics like giving notice, insurance, and length of stay. It’s always highly recommended to read aloud your agreement with your landlord if you have any questions or aren’t clear on certain matters. Your contract not only covers your landlord’s back in case of an emergency, but it covers you and your business as well. 

#2 Be Sure You’re Clear on Who’s in Charge of What

Air conditioning repairs, utilities, lawn care, and general maintenance are a few topics you will need to ask your landlord about before signing. Hidden costs and repairs may not be something you planned on budgeting, and without having it clearly drawn out in your contract, those costly repairs could end up in your hands. 

#3 Renovation Rules

Thinking of adding windows or painting the exterior of your new rental property? Be sure to get it cleared with the owner first. Many renters get excited and carried away with their new spaces and take on new projects and renovations without getting permission first. This can not only cause tension with the owner, but if you are not extremely careful, you could us causing more damage than good in the long run. 

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