The Harkins Difference


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At Harkins, we are more than just commercial real estate agents. Our experience in the industry has amassed 35 years and stretched to all corners of our industry. Harkins Development Corporation has built medical sites, offices, retail centers, warehouses and even residential sites. These operations have given us insight that most commercial real estate companies don’t have.

Because we’ve worked in not only developing land but also selling and leasing it, we’ve had the pleasure of working with government, environmental and engineering/architecture agencies. We’ve solved legal, banking and financial and building foundation issues. There isn’t an adversary we haven’t gone toe to toe with, nor a consultant we haven’t learned from.

Our goal is to be more than just a commercial real estate company. Our goal is to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying or leasing your commercial property.  If our staff can’t help you with any of the following, we have relationships with experienced outside consultants that can:

  • Feasibility Information
  • Environmental Evaluations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Site Plan Concepts
  • Building Design Coordination
  • Preliminary Construction Budgeting
  • Construction Service or Management
  • Facility Maintenance

If you need more than a commercial real estate agent to take care of your commercial real estate needs, give us a call today.



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