The Boom of Orlando’s Economy is Here to Stay


Downtown Orlando, Harkins Commercial Real Estate

We’ve got great news for those looking to get involved in commercial real estate! Central Florida is growing again, and according to an expert economist, it shows no signs of slowing down soon. From real estate to job growth, Orlando’s economy is expected to remain on the rise for a good while.

According to economist KC Conway, the growth we’ve seen recently throughout Central Florida will not be shying away anytime soon. The growth is not just present now, it’s thought to be sustainable, which means Central Florida could be enjoying a healthy economy for a long time to come. Conway went as far as to say that Florida could come in first place regarding job growth in 2015, due to both Texas and California dealing with labor and energy problems.

As Orlando’s economy continues to boom, we look forward to serving as your commercial real estate professionals. When you’re ready to capitalize on our growing economy, we hope that you look no further than Harkins for all of your commercial real estate needs!

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