Predicting the Perfect Location For Your New Buisness


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Choosing the perfect space for your new retail shop can be very difficult. With location being such a major component of business success, there is always an urge to keep your business where you know there to be a lot of traffic. The problem with these high-volume areas can be, however, that the rent may be out of your small business’s reach. Have you ever thought about investing in a space, off the beaten-path, that has the potential to become high-traffic in the future?

This is where the advice of an experienced commercial real estate agent comes into play. The retail landscape is always changing, and in a fast-paced city like Orlando there are always new areas worth exploring. If you can’t afford to buy or lease in the area you had hoped for, ask your Harkins agent where they see the market going. While we can never guarantee that a location will boom, our experience can point us in the direction of growth.

Because your Harkins Commercial Real Estate agent is constantly looking at listings, we can see what is being bought and where. We are insiders on business trends throughout Central Florida. We understand that businesses constantly ebb and flow, and sometimes retail areas empty out and can be revitalized by the right business.

When beginning a location search, discuss with your real estate agent your goals and budget. Ask them if they know of any “diamond in the rough” areas worth exploring. We will be able to let you know where trends are heading, and if you are able to get in at the ground floor in an area that hasn’t lived up to its potential just quite yet.

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your business, seek out Harkins Commercial Real Estate for the advice you need to help your business thrive.

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