The 1-2-3s of Land Acquisition


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Sometimes, when looking for a space to conduct business operations, you desire a building all your own. When this happens you’re not looking for an existing facility, you’re looking for land so that you can begin to build the site of your dreams. Searching for land that suits your needs is much different than searching for a building that can do the same, there are a few things that you must learn before you think about land acquisition

Zoning – Zoning is a huge issue when it comes to land acquisition. Depending on city ordinances, where the land is, and what’s around it you may or may not be able to conduct businesses there.  There is also the consideration of is if the type, size, and scope of building you wish to build will be allowed on that plot. Your Commercial Real Estate Broker will be able to help you swim through the reams and reams of zoning issues you’re soon to encounter.

Environmental Considerations – The environment is taken into consideration very seriously when it comes to land acquisition. There will likely be restrictions on what you can and can’t do on a piece of land related to the environment you’d like to build in. Depending on your operations, a certain plot of land may not be available to you – some may be perfectly suited.

Location Location Location – Taking into account where the land is will be a huge determination in prices and the potential success of your business just like the location of an existing facility. Talk with your commercial real estate broker about how they expect the locations of land you’re looking at to perform in the upcoming years. Their insight may prove helpful.

Land acquisition is a completely different beast when it comes to purchasing a spot for your future commercial operations. If you have questions about the pros and cons of buying an existing facility or land on which you plan to build your dream building, call your broker at Harkins Commercial Real Estate Today. We can’t wait to give you all the information you need to make this exciting decision.

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