Time to Reflect on Your Work Space in 2013


As you finish out the year and get ready to close up the office for a few days, take a moment to consider how your Sanford commercial real estate space performed for you this year.

Is your location helping you grab customers?

Are your facilities the right size for your business?

Do you have adequate parking? Responsive maintenance? Reliable access?

You’ve worked hard to ensure that your company is poised for a great 2014. If you expect growth and need the space to accommodate it, we can help you look at your current lease and figure out an exit strategy. If you’re not in the right space, we’ll help you get there!

So before you pack up the desk and lock up for Christmas holidays, make a list of what you love about your space and what you’d want different in a new space. Leave that note right there on your desk and when you come back after the holidays, give us a call. At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, we’ll get you situated in the best space for 2014!


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