Moving TO the area versus moving WITHIN the area


At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, we work with clients from all over the country and throughout Central Florida for their Sanford commercial real estate needs. We emphasize finding the perfect place for your business, and we know there’s a big difference in the data you can gather when you’re moving TO a new area versus moving WITHIN an area.

For industries looking to relocate to the Orlando area, the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission provides a wealth of information in terms of facts and statistics related to Orlando industry strengths and opportunities for newcomers. But when you want to move within an area, nothing beats the knowledge of an experienced commercial real estate broker.

We know the ins and outs of Sanford-area commercial real estate. Based upon your business’s needs, we can help place you where you’re poised to grow and at a great price. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your relocation needs and we invite you to call us today!

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