The Wide World of Commercial Real Estate


eal Estate Agent Handing Over the Keys in Front of Vacant Business Office.

Commercial real estate is a very broad category that describes many facets of real estate and businesses that occupy those spaces. This broad definition keeps real estate agents, like the qualified ones at Harkins, on their toes. We’re constantly searching for the best suited-spaces for your business.  Here are a few things we take into consideration when locating the perfect property.

Business Needs – Because commercial real estate can mean anything from a clothing store to an attorney’s office or even restaurant, there are many things a great real estate agent will do to ensure the property is perfect for their client. If you’re opening a retail store we certainly wouldn’t show you an industrial warehouse. If you’re looking to open a restaurant a building without ample seating space or a kitchen will be off the table.

Location – Zoning and foot traffic come into play when showing clients potential properties. Depending on the business, location is key and we certainly take this into consideration when showing you properties.

Customization – Whether your business needs to further customize a property or if you’re looking for existing floor to ceiling widows as a storefront. We search for the perfect property for your business according to your customized needs.

Budget – And of course, we work within your budget. In our meetings we’ll discuss what you’re looking for and what you’re able to spend. We take all of your businesses’ considerations into mind when we’re looking for your property. We don’t want you to spend more than you’re able to.

Choosing the correct commercial property for your new or existing business can be very difficult. When you consider the variables that can make or break your business plan it can also become overwhelming. If you’re looking for the perfect property for your business, contact the agents at Harkins Commercial Real Estate.  We’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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