Commercial Real Estate in Orlando Is on the Rise


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At Harkins Commercial Real Estate we’ve witnessed a surge in commercial real estate right here in Orange County. As your resource for commercial real estate Orlando, we’re excited for what this rise in commercial real estate could mean for your financial future.

According to the Orange County Register, 96% of industrial buildings are currently occupied in Orange County. According to contributor Allen Buchanan, the rates are exceptionally low compared to recent vacancy rates. There are several note-worthy noting taking place with commercial real estate in Orlando that we’d like to share with you here:

  • Sales prices have increased 50% in just over two years since the start of 2013. Commercial values have surpassed the levels of 2008, pre-market meltdown.
  • Lease rates have also increased, although not to the extreme that sale prices have increased. This is likely due to the fact that companies are growing and require expansion, but are having trouble finding suitable space for purchase, so instead they turn to leasing.
  • Orange County has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions, which can certainly impact a company’s commercial real estate needs.
  • There are several new construction projects occurring throughout Orange County.
  • Despite increased sales prices, the low interest rates allow investors to purchase at a price comparable to lease rates.

As your resource for commercial real estate in Orlando, we look forward to seeing what our industry has in store for the remainder of 2015. Contact our team of professionals at Harkins Commercial Real Estate today about how to capitalize on this exciting time in Orange County.

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