Getting to Know Sanford, Florida


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As your go-to resource for Sanford commercial real estate, we realize that not all potential investors are familiar with the Sanford area. We thought we’d share a few facts about Sanford as portrayed on to help you get acquainted with the beautiful, lively city.

Sanford, Florida is a continually growing area just ten miles south of Deltona, and 90 miles North East of Tampa. Situated along the shore of Lake Monroe, the city has a lot of waterfront property to offer, in addition to multiple marinas and docking areas. While still portraying a small town friendly atmosphere, the city has continued to grow, making the commercial buildings a target of local investors. A good portion of workers in the area enjoy short commute times, walking and biking to work and on average making a decent median family income.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sanford commercial real estate, then look no further than Harkins Commercial Real Estate. We look forward to fulfilling all of your commercial real estate needs!

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