Considerations in commercial real estate part 1: zoning


At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, we’ve got the industry experience and the local market know-how to help you negotiate a lease on the commercial property of your dreams. We all know the right location can mean the difference between your business thriving or plateauing, so today we begin an 8-part series on how your agents at Harkins Commercial Real Estate can ensure an attractive final contract.

One of the biggest regrets of tenants or building owners is being stuck in the wrong location. Our agents work hard to ensure the property you select is truly a great fit without any surprises. We always consider zoning among the first and most important issues for our clients to consider.

When it comes to Sanford commercial real estate, we’re intimately familiar with local zoning ordinances and regulations. The supply and demand of General Industrial (GI) zoned properties versus Limited Industrial (LI) Flex space can grossly impact price even in comparable cities.

We’ll help you consider the best price and location for the type of zoned property you need and then help you negotiate the best deal possible as you pursue the location. At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, our goal is to always get you into a property that will suit your business’s need for growth, exposure, and success!

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