Four Questions for Your Orlando Commercial Real Estate Search


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At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, we know that choosing a commercial property in Orlando begins with thinking about your business needs. You’ll determine how much customer accessibility you need, traffic, the type of space, and what you can afford. But today we want to share four questions that are sometimes overlooked in the Orlando commercial property search.

  1. What services are provided in the facility? Sometimes services more than make up the difference in an uptick in price.
  2. What are the local surrounding businesses? Will they help drive traffic to my location? Will surrounding businesses drive traffic away for any reason?
  3. What’s the occupancy rate and turnover rate? If businesses are leaving often, beware.
  4. Consider crime rate. We can help with statistics that give you a picture of how well you’ll be able to keep customers and employees from the nuisance of crime.

Harkins Commercial Real Estate specializes in helping Sanford and Orlando commercial real estate clients find the perfect location. Once you’ve determined the basic property type and price range, we’ll help you pinpoint exactly where you want to be in order to grow.

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