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Harkins Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking to buy Commercial Real Estate in the Orlando area? Property evaluation is a vital step in the commercial property buying process. Before you purchase a property, an expert evaluation will tell if you if the property is suitable for the needs of your particular business venture.

The family that owns Harkins Commercial Real Estate also owns Harkins Development Corporation, responsible for developing a number of projects for over 35 years. Our experience is priceless when it comes to comprehending the land development process. Our comprehensive Real Estate background has also provided us with extensive experience dealing with several issues that may arise, including but not limited to: government agency issues, legal issues, financial challenges, and location and building issues.

At Harkins Commercial Real Estate we are happy to put our extensive and diverse Commercial Real Estate experience to work in order to better your Commercial Property purchase experience. If you’re interested in having the experts on your side when it comes to your next Commercial Real Estate investment, contact your resource for Commercial Real Estate in Orlando.

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