Harkins Commercial Real Estate Helps You Select the Best Location


At Harkins Commercial, we know that choosing Orlando commercial real estate is all about location. Except when location doesn’t matter. Let us explain!

Choosing a property is always a function of what your business does and how you plan to use the space. In some industries, location really doesn’t matter. For customer-driven businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and showrooms, choosing an accessible and attractive space with ample parking makes sense. But if you primarily service customers at their home (repair service, remodeling, and the like), your office space can be off the beaten path, a little less noticeable and, in many cases, less expensive. High-tech firms may opt for open space where a consulting firm may prefer enclosed private offices, and factors like these also determine the location that makes the most sense for your business.

At Harkins Commercial Real Estate, we take the time to listen to your goals and get to know what happens in your work space. We’ll show you possibilities to ensure that your new space meets your needs! Call us now to get started finding the new property location to suit your company’s focus and function.


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